With Tanakan prison empty of its most powerful and dangerous criminals, and a tyrant with insurmountable power and a thirst for death still named as Crown, the Silvari and human worlds are on the edge of a catastrophe they may never recover from. 


While most of the Silvari spend their days in ignorance of the darkness looming in their futures, Shade’s pentad are the only ones willing to stare it in the eye. The real question is, can they figure out the true meaning of their mother’s prophecy in time for it to turn the tides of the impending battle for the crown?


 Commander Pax is relearning how to live in a world where he now has so much to lose, and the demon inside him refuses to let go of the reason they’ve decided to love again. Roarke, haunted by the memory of the people his power has devoured, must overcome his self-loathing to truly open up to the opportunity right in front of him. Seth and his chaos are keeping the pentad together, bringing light into the darkness and helping them find the little moments of joy in the midst of all those who seek to destroy them. Killian must start to confront the demons of his past when Shade’s hatred of secrets opens doors he’d rather keep tightly locked.  

Kitten and Allure, the dual-perspective third installment in the Shadows and Shade series, brings readers to the edge of the forest, suspiciously near a place that still haunts Shade’s dreams. 

So close to the memories that are literally left behind in the jagged patterns on her wrists and back, will Shade uncover the truth of who and what she is? Will the pentad discover the depths of Lithael’s plan before it’s too late to salvage the Silvari and human realms? 

And most importantly, will Shade live long enough to eat her bodyweight in chocolate? 

The Shadows and Shade series features a slow burn WhyChoose romance that will cross from young adult to new adult content.