A prank which goes wrong, forcing them to learn to live with each other. Respect each other. Value each other – and ultimately love each other.

Whilst battling a new ruler who’s slowly sucking the life from their realm, destroying the ruling hierarchy and burning the magic from their protective borders. 


Lets not forget Seth’s crazy ex-girlfriend stalker trying to eliminate her competition – Shade. What match is a mortal against an Elite warrior who wants to kill her?



Shade’s life is pretty ordinary as an indentured servant working in the isolated lands beside a forest from which only scary crap ever comes out of. Except one day when four crazy good looking brothers come out, save her life, and drag her back in.


Commander Pax thinks they’re doing her a favour.

Killian thinks the adversity in her life has made her stronger – and more adversity isn’t a bad thing.

Roarke thinks she’s cute and would make a good pet.

She thinks her life has just entered a whole new level of dangerous and crazy.

But her biggest problem is Seth – who thinks she’s the perfect instrument for him to play a prank without his commander knowing.



In book one they need to stay alive long enough to get out of the White Castle and track down a Potion Master who just might be able to release them from the invisible force that constantly threatens to end Shade’s life.


And her four new protectors will do anything to keep her alive.


This is a true reverse harem fantasy. The protagonist will not have to choose between her men.


This is a true reverse harem fantasy. The protagonist will not have to choose between her men. Shadows and Shade series is full of sass, a feisty female lead and a cast of four men who each bring their own strengths and weaknesses into the group. This story will appeal to fantasy and even epic fantasy lovers, with a rich plot, enchanting world and characters with depth. The series is not designed to be a hard and fast read, this one is for savouring, for reading again and again, for needing a friend to share your reactions with, and Amanda hopes you find all of that and more within these pages.


This book is YA appropriate but will build to NA by book 4. It’s deliciously slow burning with lots of character building, relationship ground work and tension. Loads and loads of tension. Projections are that there will be no mm, or mmmfmmm, in this series. But there will be spin off books, bonus material on the Facebook group, extra chapters and a variety of content (some of which is very much adult) which will be available through the Facebook group and the authors other platforms. Check out her website, or her Facebook group, for more information.