Hunters & Secrets Audiobook Release Festivities

Oct 21st - 29th

Preorder the Audiobook on:




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Urban Books


Available on ALL retailers from the 22nd

(links coming soon - or simply search 'Amanda Cashure' in your favorite store)

Live Listen on Discord


What is a live listen?


It's where our resident Seth bot is going to hit play on chapters from the audiobook in Discord, you mute yourself and go about your day while listening with the ability to chat in the discord chat (text - kinda like messenger) as the chapters are playing. Or you can hang around in the chat the whole time if you want.


I'm doing the book in chunks, maybe 5 chapters at a time (not sure yet) and at different times for different timezones so hopefully everyone has an opportunity to join in.


And I'll have polls ready to go into the chats - so you can vote on if you think characters should do thing A or thing B next, or share your reaction to something that just happened with other readers at the exact moment they're also listening to the book.


Like watching your favorite sport or the final episode of your favorite series with a group of friends.


If all goes according to plan Seth Elorsin, Hunter Janard, Leon Swiftsight and Dustin Whoois will also be in discord and also stirring up trouble at different times. 


If it goes well I might even look at doing Shade book 7 audio in advance and having exclusive live listens prior to the ebook release - like the exclusive premiere of a big box office movie - but no promises there.

join a host of amazing authors in the hunt for mystery words across facebook. Clues will be taken from the audiobook and imbedded into graphics.


thank you to the amazing reader who suggested it and to Louise for designing the hunt!

Facebook parties will be hosted in Amanda Cashures Wolves on the 21st, 25th, 27th and 29th.

With a long list of participating authors, games and prizes. 

Games and prizes on instagram

from the 21st - 24th of October