Easter Eggs

Did you know there are readers birthdates hidden in Shade Book 6?

There's a scene in Vexy & Chaos (pt 1) where Shade, Pax and Roarke are chatting with a TruthSeed. They're surrounded by past interview transcripts, all of them numbered in sequences like: 11101990


A shoutout went up in the Facebook group and readers had the opportunity to drop their birthday's.


I did two passes of the list, one looking for a few readers who had been active on social media interacting and talking about Shade and her books that week, then another just being random and letting fate choose.

We ended up with this list.

I present to you the readers who have their birthdates in Vexy & Chaos pt 1... do you share any of these birthdays too?



A B 10101972

T S : 11151977

J R T 12141986 is how I write it, but 14121986 in case you like that better!!!  😍😍😍😍

T B 29101987

Q S 10211991

S G S 01011982

Y M 25111979

K L 01221991

D T 04081952

L L 28021995

M B 03161978

J B You do day first? I think you guys do so here ya go 🤪 21101987

R Z 07131979 

The 2022 Street Team were invited to create Cameos in Vexy & Chaos - did you spot them?

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  • A deleted section from early in Power & Pentad 2 where Rose and Killian are patching Seth up and the guy is telling some pretty bad jokes. 
  • an original draft from Power & Pentad 2 where Shade and Clara reunite - one that didn't even come close to making it into the final manuscript...


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  • The inspiration boards of what the Elorsin's and Shade are wearing
  • A Roarke alternate pov scene that didn't make it into the book
  • Shades POV as Killian is getting her dressed
  • the truthseed transcript with Roarke's handwritten notes on it
  • so much more

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Do you have an all time favorite character moment?

Comments: 3
  • #3

    Emilee (Tuesday, 03 May 2022 18:56)

    My favorite character moment so far is watching shade in her most badass moment of controlling the glass at the first ambush, where she heals the guys and uses her glass to squish the enemies. I love it so much!!

  • #2

    Megan WILLIAMS (Monday, 31 January 2022 07:28)

    Seth I absolutely love him

  • #1

    Charity (Wednesday, 05 January 2022 21:59)

    I have 2. The first is in Kitten and Allure when Seth comforts shade after she is doused in the power blocker potion. The second is in PP2 when Pax tells shade he chose her over anything, everything, and anyone. Though I have many favorite moments. These just stand out the most.

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This one wasn't published in the book


Originally I wrote 2 version of the recap at the beginning of Power & Pentad pt 2 - then readers voted on who they wanted to hear from most, Seth and Thane or the author. Delightfully the authors version got the most votes.

So I saved the second version to add here for you guys.





Where were we, you ask? 

Let me make this quick, I’m broken and just generally fucked up, locked in a cell under the White Castle with Killian and Roarke. Mostly because Jada failed to arrive at our designated meetup point outside the castle so we had to come in and appeal to the dignitaries for seals and permission to ride out and save Pax an Vexy.

At that point we were never bringing Vexy back, we planned to set her up safely on the mortal side and take turns pushing boundaries to protect her and organize saving the world from there. I thought that was a stupid idea myself, once she’s healed the safest option for us all is to be together, no matter what.

Especially when we tapped into the Veil mirror and watched her being attacked. I have never felt so much rage in my life – and I’ve lived for a fucking long time.

But that was before Lithael took advantage of our stupid asses getting locked up. His methods of questioning us and trying to work out who Vexy is and what she means to us is exactly the reason I’m barely conscious. 

We gave him what he needed. 

And it broke me in more ways than I can say.

But it was worth it.

She’s worth it.

That’s about the total of the last few days. Jada screwed us over, I tried to send a Chaos directed paper plane message to Jada, a last resort to get her help, which ended up stars-knows where. Jada sure hasn’t turned up and we have barely managed to keep our current status of living while Thane, Vexy and Pax are out there waiting for a rescue that isn’t coming.

We can only hope and pray that one of them has the sense to come back. 

The thought of Vexy here, of the Trials and the dangers, turns my soul, but the idea of losing one or all of them to these Return Seals is a million times worse.

Alive is always preferred.

My dickhead brother and his emotionally driven wolf better work that out quickly.

There you have it. That’s if you trust the Chaos to be accurate, and comprehensive. 




I’ll bet Seth and the others think they’ve got things bad. That Castle isn’t my idea of fun, but the mortal realm is far worse. We’ve had to deal with, well – mortals.


And I haven’t been allowed to kill any of them. 

The first day in this forsaken mortal town was worth all the riding, the time worrying, the decision to come – it was us and Beautiful with our clothes off and the scent of her all over us.

The first night – bliss. The first morning – calm perfection.

And after that? Nothing but death and disaster.

Buying an apartment to be our cage.

Buying her freedom, to ensure her future if – or when – the Seal tore our soul from our body.

Buying food, clothing, boots, chocolate and a cute little plant and dealing with more mortals. Street kids, then the mortals who run their organized crime enterprise, and the men who put their hands on our Reika. 

She tore them to pieces, well one of them did.

A wolf. Pax had declared it impossible when she fell into our arms in the Rengurra forest, but Pax thinks more than he feels – and I feel like I knew from the minute I sensed our mate’s existence. The second we bonded. Knew and yet didn’t want to believe it.

She’s there alright, and she’s as damned impossible as the man.

Good – Pax needs more kicks to the balls.

Harder ones for chaining us up. Refusing to let us return. Because leaving her alone hurt us more than dying.

This man is far too willing to die for a cause. 

We’re lucky our Reika, and her wolf, are as strong as the moon herself.


I fear putting her within Lithael’s reach, but beyond that fear is excited anticipation for the Saber she can become – and the world of pain in Lithael’s future.

She’s more dangerous than the rest of us put together.


She doesn’t know it yet. But one of these days the world is going to be reborn and her blood will be its maker.



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