All you Shade fans are going to spot

some of the big differences,

as I continued to draft the story more and more

of the characters personalities came through,

each pass polishing out the rough edges and

defining the characters into their truest selves,

and the world into the reality that it is.


I’ve listed some of the big ones at the bottom

– because I couldn’t help myself.


Those things I couldn’t help but reminisce over

(aka original elements changed or no longer in the final novel)

Yep – Clara was originally ‘Clipboard lady’ not ‘Ledger Lady.’

Shade had yet to coin her iconic curse words.


The Silvari were originally known as Avari.


Pax was originally the one who knocked her out in the cart

with his stern order to ‘sleep.’


In early drafts Killian spoke way too much,

on each pass a few more words

were removed from his lines until everything felt just right.


Roarke’s ‘father’ banned him from having anyone in his

room with him and Roarke managed to avoid this rule by

utilising his brothers rooms – I’d love to see that happen now.

Of course the details evolved as the truth about the

Elorsin’s dark past came to light. 

The ‘Crown’ was originally known as the ‘Prime’ …

honestly I’m glad that one was changed. Crown has a much better ring to it.


Oh, and Seth’s name was Tatum – weird right?


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    Amanda Cashure (Tuesday, 17 August 2021 06:55)

    I hope you enjoy ❣️