Astari is a world made up of twelve zodiac Queendoms, each fighting to find their True Queen, and Libra is running out of time. 

Ren really couldn’t care less. As a half-breed mutt living in the void, her world is simple – maintain the balance at all costs.

Her life is simple – wake, train as an elite Zeta hunter, sleep (with the occasional extra-curricular activity that is nothing short of risking death) and repeat.

Until the day Hel and Fate decide to change the world and claim her as their daughter.

But they don’t make things easy. Ren must survive on the tip of a knife blade and only Lady Fate’s gentle nudges and Hel’s unwavering persistence can get her to the pinnacle of the scales. She might even make it there in time to save the ones she loves.

If she survives...

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Balanced Queen is book seven in a twelve book rapid release celestial and astrology themed series. Each book by a different author, each standalone with a big dose of sexy, underdog battle, prophecy meddling and badass female leads. 

Balanced Queen also has paranormal LGBT fantasy romance flavors, some plot twists, a chunk of clue dropping and mystery building leading to an epic twist ending, plus a fair amount of violence. But you will get a hea, the sex is all consensual, and the relationships are hot. Yes, that’s relationshipssss, you’re diving into a reverse harem fantasy adventure here.