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Welcome to November. 

Fun and games to come - with a big focus on the release of Power &  Pentad pt2 in December.

^ The facebook lineup for November ^


So I logged onto my Spotify account to discover someone has started a new playlist for me.


I will freely admit this is the one and only song worthy of such a prestigious number one spot (and now I have it stuck in my head once more)


Since Seth Elorsin (or the discord bot with his abs anyway) has DJ capabilities I will be exploring more songs for this particular playlist on Discord

Do you have any song suggestions for an author writing fantasy harem who has forgotten to take her meds?

The Audiobook festivities has it's own page!

To check out all the fun and where it's being had

Fun on the discord server - a 7 day challenge open to anyone who writes words.



Looking for the entry form?


Be active in the facebook group when our guest authors drop in to play games and run competitions and you'll find a form floating around. Fill it in for your chance to win up to $100.

$100 drawn each month!

A handful of active members in the facebook group will be given an exclusive link to snoop on the document as Amanda re-writes the strip sigil scene from Shadows & Shade book one. Just for laughs we're putting that sigil onto Killian and going to see what happens.

While the opportunity to be there as Amanda writes will be limited everyone is invited to snoop on the discord server when screen shots will be shared, a voice chat open for readers (and sometimes Amanda, but she'll mostly be muted as she writes.)


The finished scene will become available for all to read within a few days of the event. Watch this space for a link or details on how to access it.

The prize - $100 amazon voucher


How to enter - this month it was by joining in with our guest authors and utilizing a signup form in the facebook group.


If you're the winner an email from me has probably already hit your inbox!


Want a chance at winning?


This month we have 2 prizes of $50, one to the signup form entries (form live whilst guest authors are in the facebook group so if you click the link and it's closed come back later)


AND by commenting on posts in the facebook gorup.


We glimpse the Kincaid twins throughout the Shadows & Shade novels. They're guards at the White Castle and fellow tricksters with Seth Elorsin and his mischief. We've wrangled them into the facebook group, which is especially exciting after they featured in the early release of chapter 7 last month (scroll down to read it) 


Also, as a post-note, chapter 7 is no longer chapter 7, it's been moved in the pecking order, but that's the fun of getting an advanced peek - you never know how it might evolve be the time the book is released.

Predictive text!


Type 'Joei should take his shirt off because' into your phone and let the text suggestions finish the sentence for you

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  • #2

    Brice Lorence (Monday, 06 September 2021 02:15)

    Joei should take his shirt off because he's not afraid of his hair!

  • #1

    Saimi (Monday, 06 September 2021 02:09)

    Joei should take his shirt off because he's going out of style!! hahahaha - sorry bro, blame predictive text not me!

A lot of these events happen in our facebook group, but keep an eye out as we explore other platforms and come up with new ideas too.


What do you think will happen - and what would you do to find out?

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  • #6

    Amanda Cashure (Thursday, 01 July 2021 07:36)

    You guys are all amazing! � I hope you enjoy this little work in progress chapter…

  • #5

    Alyssa (Monday, 21 June 2021 13:20)

    I think chaos is gonna have the perfect revenge. Or it's gonna be Roark who comes up with some messed up and out of character fucked up-ness

  • #4

    Johnnie Horne (Monday, 21 June 2021 08:33)

    I hope they toss him into the veil. And I would say i will wait so patiently but truth be told I am already on the edge of my seat to read pentad part 2, so I will just say i am willing to do anything to read any part of the book. I cant wait to read when they all get back together, if that happens in this book, which i hope it does.

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    Marcee Burgess (Sunday, 20 June 2021 19:11)

    So I think chaos is gonna get involved. And shit is gonna hit the fan. Very excited to find out. And will wait ever so patiently if I must. Great things are always worth the wait!

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    Lindsay Kirchen (Sunday, 20 June 2021 07:49)

    I would be willing order you lunch � on DoorDash to be delivered to your house �. You choose the menu for everyone living in your house. :)

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    Amanda (Sunday, 20 June 2021 03:01)

    Testing this baby out... anyone there?

Warning: raw, unedited, unreleased chapter inside.

This chapter contains threats, violence and typical Elorsin v Logan stuff. This sits at a 2 out of 5 on the Black Rose Trigger scale.