Hunters & Secrets

Book 1 in the Hunter Saga

A parallel story to Shadows & Shade


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Hunter is the daughter of a mother with forbidden magic and a father outlawed for murder, more accurately described as the daughter of ‘fucked up’ and ‘fucked off.’ She’s risen above that, though, and found her place in the world - hiding with her siblings and sassy horse amongst the deadly creatures of the mountains. 


It’s not much of a life, but she’s good with that - until hunting slave traders capture her siblings and her rescue mission goes wrong. She has a sword against her throat and one foot in the grave when Leon, a powerful trader mage, steps in and claims her as his own. 


She is soon entangled in his secrets as well as fighting to stay alive, with more at stake than she could ever know. While Leon learns that it’s going to take more than one man to protect this hellfire of a woman he’s falling in love with - that’s if she’ll ever trust him enough to let him get close.


••• This is a slow-to-build reverse harem with a trigger warning for mature content such as scenes with violence, non/dub-con threats, abuse against women and story elements revolving around being held captive. Though this book is related to the Shadows & Shade world/series, it can be read on its own. •••

Original Cover Art!

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