Blaise, a well paid whore, finds her life ripped to shreds by a new master. Running into the night she almost gets herself killed - and being saved only lands her in more trouble.


Episode One released first in the Land Of Nighmares Anthology, but will re-release in the ebook of Season One ~ Dust

January 2020


Learning to survive when she has nothing puts Blaise in more danger.

The Horsemen have orders to hire a whore but can't find her.

Whilst she rides further away with a new female acquaintance.

Held up by highway pirates, Blaise offers to fuck her way out of trouble, sacrificing herself for her new companion.

After all, sex is what Blaise is good at.

But the man she's about to get naked with - then rob - is a Horsemen, and he's going to make her earn the money.


The Horsemen seek shelter at a safe house, which Blaise finds herself at after almost being eaten by Bear Shifters. 

After just missing each other, searching and failing to find the whore, knowing the Mercs are on her tail and hunting her... they finally all end up in the same place at the same time - and it completely fucks their lives up.

What happens if you're told you're the mate to Six Horsemen but want nothing to do with it?

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bundled with episodes 6-10


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